Add-On Elections Announced

They’ve only been in office for two weeks, but our new DC Democratic Party leadership is already making big improvements to the basic administrative and communicative functions of the organization. Last night, DSC members received an email announcing – well in advance – the election of Add-On Members.

What’s an Add-On Member? Under the Constitution of the DCDSC, elected committee members must “add on” six additional committeemen and six additional committeewomen. These Add-On Members serve for two year terms.

Want to join the state committee and help build a party that actually works for the people of the District? Click here to get the appropriate documents, timelines, and paperwork. If you’d like my assistance, send me an email at ward4brogan [at] to let me know you’re interested!


You must file your Declaration of Candidacy, Statement of Qualification, a photo, and your completed nominating petitions by 5:00 p.m. on November 1, 2018, by sending them to

While the Constitution calls for these members to be elected at the Annual Meeting, under previous leadership the committee seems to have developed a practice of doing this in subsequent meetings.

As a result, this year’s Add-On election will be November 15. While I hope we can reconcile the schedule-in-practice with the Constitution in the near future, I applaud the new leadership for announcing these elections far in advance and opening the process with public information on

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