December DCDSC Update

The DCDSC suspended its usual business meeting for a December Holiday Party and Toy Drive on December 12th. Event coordinators were At-Large Committeewoman Chioma Iwuoha, DC Dems Executive Director Natasha McKenzie, and Party Chair Charles Wilson. They report more than 100 attendees turned out, donating 250 toys, adopting four families to support for the holidays, and raising about $5,000.

Our next meeting is also “an evening conversation” with Mayor Muriel Bowser. That’s happening on January 3rd from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Thurgood Marshall Center on 12th St NW.

We are still awaiting subcommittee co-chair appointments, but I’ve already started brainstorming resolutions for introduction in 2019. Got some ideas of your own? What statements do you think the party needs to make this coming year? Email me your thoughts.

I’m also going to be working with Ward 4 Dems Chair Candace Tiana Nelson to see how we can update the club’s digital operation a bit. While the organization has long been “Green Team” territory, the truth is that most elected officials, once they take office, don’t have much of an interest in a strong, functioning ward organization. Today, there’s plenty of room for any Democrat who wants to get involved to help shape the Ward 4 Dems future.

I also dove into the results of the Ward 4 SBOE race. Check it out here.

Here’s what I’ve been watching at the Wilson Building:

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