An Open Letter to National Committeeman Jack Evans

Earlier today, I joined a group of twenty-two other individual members of the DC Democratic State Committee (DCDSC) to send a letter to Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans requesting that he resign his position as DCDSC National Committeeman.

In short, we believe that, given recent allegations that he misused his Council office for personal gain, it is best that Committeeman Evans step aside as our national standard-bearer to ensure that the party isn’t subjected to months of distraction at a time when we have urgent and important work to do nationally and locally.

In drafting and distributing this letter, we do not seek in any way to undermine the Executive Committee of the DC Democratic Party, which has its own procedures for addressing internal issues of this nature. Rather, it’s our hope that this letter demonstrates to the voters who elected us that party leaders are taking the matter seriously, hear clearly the concerns expressed by Democratic voters citywide (especially over the past week), and are willing to take action to move the party forward.

The letter can be read in full at: The next meeting of the DC Democratic State Committee is Thursday, March 7. It will include a great panel discussion on inequality in education and further discussion of the DC primary calendar. You can RSVP here.


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